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The complete ERP software for installers.
InvenTool helps users with installations, repairs and quality check services It is designed for companies that run large fleets.

It was developed for the most important Swiss public transportation company the runs more than 1500 buses on duty with the purpose of managing the entire system processes.


The system plays on three main phases: Installation, Repair/Substituion, Dismiss, Quality check


It allows you to organize the garaging of buses, and assignments to on duty employees.


Components are grouped together in packages and variations in order to avoid mistakes and permits only the installer the allowed package. Furthermore the manager can create templates with defined packages for different bus types. No more improper installations.

Each task (a job to execute on the bus) can be assigned to a single installer (employee). The system keeps track of any single performed activity and manages versioning of any installed component.

Installation documents can be created in pdf format.

InvenTool will raise your fleet to a higher standard, is reliable, and gives you increased overall performance.

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