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Enterprise Java Framework

"I'm Mr. Wolf. I solve problems" (Pulp fiction - Dir. Q.Tarantino - 1994)

JEE platform and Hibernate are very complex environment. Business custom applications are huge and complex. Managing the entire system and maintaining strong standards between projects make developers relaxed and focused on the business side of the development. We decided to hide the technical side of the JEE stack.

Business applications are based on DataBase. We believe in DataBase design and optimization. Designing logical views is crucial for understanding of data interaction. So we decided to close physical data access to the developer and shadows the database behind a logical point of view. This is the assurance that no data access will be designed at the developer stage. The idea is to have the layout of the data behavior in the hands of the designer, leaving java developers free from data reverse analisys.

Enterprise custom applications are more than "use-cases" collections. We created a complete event based system to trigger state changes and generate actions to schedule in sync and async mode. We introduced the "Bureau" concept, to design interaction between system modules and cluster the responsibility of the business layer.

This is mrWolf: Repository management, Multi Domain Databases, Asynchronous object serialization and storage, microservice for PDF creation, multi language support and much more.

mrWolf grows with us, everyday.  

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