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The national based recycling calendar is now accessible on your SmartPhone.!

How the IoRiciclo service works:


- Citizens download the App for free and anybody can select the area of interest. The system keeps them informed about the waste type they can throw out today and in the following days.

- The Town Council can manage the recycling calendar according to the collection areas and the proper date when citizens can recycle any different type of of waste.

Who are the stakeholders:

- All citizens with a mobile device, who want to be informed about timing and mode to collect waste.

- Municipalities that needs to raise citizenship awareness on waste recycle.

- All subjects interested in a new form of institutional communication. Companies working on the side of public institutions that want to improve the quality of the offered  services.

Advantages of IoRiciclo:

- Allows fast access to waste disposal information.
- Fully configurable through a quick control panel. It is useful for public subjects who want to schedule the waste collection and customize their waste categories.
- Allows you to add special collection events (i.e. collection of household appliances or used furniture) on some dedicated days.

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